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FeEdinG your Hamster

       Hamsters are very versatile in what foods they can eat, but it is important not to feed your hamsters citrus fruits, these include lemon, oranges, etc. Suitable foods are banana, apple, nuts, rice, beansprouts, pasta, chicken, egg, and hamster food. Feed your hamster a small amount of vegetable and fruit each day. Hamsters are omnivores and will accept meat and plant material, but it is not wrong to bring your hamster on plant material only. Hamsters must have a water supply nearby by means of a bottle or bowl. Without water a hamster will dehydrate quickly and could die. When feeding your hamster see how much it eats out of one bowl and then feed it the amount it ate the next day. The normal amount to feed them is one tablespoon for a Syrian. Feed your hamster a small amount of veg or fruit each day. Food will get stale if left in the cage too long and will lose their vitamin content, so store hamster food in an airtight container in a dark dry place. Typically a hamster should be fed on a diet containing over 19% protien.


Important Feeding Rules You Must Know! 
 Feed a varied diet.
 Have food and water not only avaliable just in the evening but also when the hamster is sleeping. (Hamsters love to snack.)
 Give only fresh food of high quality.
 Rinse fruits and vegetables and allow the water to drip off before giving it to the hamster.
 Don't give a hamster cooked or fried food (and that means table scraps!).
 Avoid sudden changes in diet.
 Keep the portions small (cut fruit and vegetables small); otherwise too much spoils.
 All food should be at room temperature when given.

Dry food is the most important thing on your hamster's menu. It should always be available as a main item. Commercial dry food found at pet stores is best because you can be sure that your hamster is getting all the important nutrients it needs. Don't fill your hamster's food bowl to the top. Fill it about halfway because that gives your hamster a chance to dig inside it and pick out what grains it wants. The next day if your supply is almost gone, just add more dry food.

You may notice that hamsters don't drink much water. That is because most hamsters get all the fluids they need from fruits and veggies. Now, don't get me wrong! You still need to give your hamster fresh water everyday. What is harmful for your hamster is water that is strongly chlorinated or mineral water that is carbonated. The best kind of water for your hamster is filtered water or uncarbonated mineral water. If you cannot supply that, cooled down (previously) boiled water is fine. (Tap water is not good because it may contain too much chlorine.)

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