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 Andreutdza's Web Page About Syrian Hamsters
A little history 
...find out where and when the syrian hamster has been descovered !
Buying a hamster
.. a few things you should know before you decide to buy a hamster.How to determine the sex of a hamster. Keeping 2 or more hamsters in the same cage.
Choosing a proper cage
... a lot of things about bedding materials, cages, cleaning tasks, do's and dont's, etc.
Feeding the hamster
Important Feeding Rules You Must Know! What kind of food is suitable.
... this section is under construction.
* G a l l e r y *
... a lot of funny pictures took by myself. Please visit. For the moment this section is under construction. Please do not hesitate to visit it later!
Building homes and toys 
... this section is under construction.
Taming and Holding
... this section is under construction.
Hamsters' Diseases
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Hamsters' Diseases  
A page by Andrei Morosan
june 2001